Rare Stamps to be Auctioned by Robert A. Siegel

18 Apr 2019  Thu

The Robert A. Siegel auction is going to offer several interesting stamps in New York City on 1st and 2nd May. One of the highlights is a rare used Type 1 example of the 1¢ blue Benjamin Franklin stamp issued in 1851 from position 7R1E with a black New York square grid cancel. Only 98 such examples exist today and it is considered to be the rarest U.S. stamp issued before the 1868 grilled issues were introduced. The condition of the offered stamp is great. It has a sheet margin at the top and the Type characteristics are clearly visible. It is considered to be the finest of its type and has a listed market value of $65,000. However, it is difficult to value these stamps accurately.

Another interesting offering is a 15¢ black Abraham Lincoln stamp issued in 1868 with F grill lightly struck with a target cancel. The centring of the stamp design is perfect, the grill points are clear, the wide margins are well balanced, colours are fresh and the impression is clear. Professional Stamp Experts graded the stamp as gem 100 grade in 2012. No other stamp has been graded higher by PSE. It has a listed market value of $21,500.

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Image Courtesy: Robert A. Siegel

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