CCG to Expand its Services in India

11 Apr 2019  Thu

The Certified Collectibles Group is soon going to focus on certifying coins and banknotes in India extensively. Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, Numismatic Conservation Services and Paper Money Guaranty are independent member companies that fall under CCG, while Peacock Bloom Numismatic is an official Submission Center to third-party authentication grading and encapsulation service providers such as NGC, NCS and PMG in India. The firm will help collectors and dealers in India to get their collectibles certified by NGC, NCS and PMG. It will also solve queries regarding services of NGC, NCS and PMG.

NGC grades coins while PMG grades paper money and both companies excel in what they do by grading and certifying millions of coins and notes over the years. An on-site grading event will be organised by PMG in Chennai from 10th to 15th June. PMG graders and officials will offer their services in a shorter time during this event. Peacock Bloom will be accepting submissions for the event till 25th May.

Senior officials of CCG and Peacock Bloom believe that the market for collectible coins and banknotes in India has been growing considerably for many years. Apart from that, Indian Coinage dates back to ancient times and has a lot of historical significance. NGC, NCS and PMG officials will also be attending the Shukla Day Coin & Philately Fair in Mumbai from 19th to 21t April to promote their services in India.

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