Scooby on stamps!

03 Apr 2019  Wed


Didn’t we just love watching our beloved Scoobert (yeah that’s his real name) running around catching monsters, exposing the real wicked faces of people? Scooby-Doo, the adorable, cute dog was one of the most beloved characters on the Cartoon Network.

Created by Hannah – Barbera, this cartoon is about a talking Dog and a gang of four mystery-solving teenagers. In each episode, all of them run into some sort of paranormal activity and unravel the mystery behind the so-called paranormal occurrence. It was Scooby Doo and his gang who taught our generations that ghosts don’t exist and that most of the evil things in this world are just evil-minded humans.

This new Forever stamp issued in 2018 by USPS has 12 stamps per sheet and each stamp depicts Scooby watering a potted flower-plant.

Isn’t it just cute? Get yourself a Scooby stamp!

Image Courtesy: Store USPS

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