Faroe Island Stamps Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing

28 Mar 2019  Thu

USPS recently released a postage stamp to celebrate the 50th anniversary of a historic event in the field of astronomy, when Neil Armstrong and his team became the first men to ever step foot on the moon in 1969. Many other countries around the world issued interesting postage stamps to commemorate this signifying event.

A 17-kroner stamp will be issued by the Faroe Islands on 29th April. Artist Edward Fuglos tried to recreate his childhood memories when everyone in Klaksvík, Northern Isles, were excited about this remarkable achievement. A young Edward had no idea about what was happening until his father took him in his arms towards the window and pointed at the moon, revealing details about the amusing achievement in astronomy. 50 years after that eventful day, Edward Fuglos has rekindled those fond memories through this stamp design.

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Image Courtesy: Posta Stamps

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