Azerbaijan Releases New 10 Manat Banknote with Better Security Features

26 Mar 2019  Tue

Azerbaijan had released new generation banknotes on 1st January 2006 and has introduced new 10 manat currency notes with better security features on 18th March 2019. New 200 manat banknotes were released on 24th May 2018 to improve cash flow and management. The latest 10 manat banknote design is based on the theme ‘History of Azerbaijan’ and includes improved security features. The older version of 10 manat banknotes will continue to be in circulation.

The important elements of the design, like the Icheri Sheher and the Maiden Tower, the Azerbaijani map and European integration, carpet patterns etc. have not been altered. The new version features the country’s Coat of Arms as a watermark on the obverse. A new hologram on the left reflects an image of Maiden Tower. 3D effect has been applied to moving waves and a big denomination number which changes colour upon tilting. The hologram includes Mini letters and figures. A portion of the Icheri sheher features dynamic light effects and colour changing properties. Tactile printings help visually impaired persons identify denominations. The reverse side features a window type new security thread with ‘10’ and ‘AMB’ texts that display colour changing properties. ’10 AZN’ letters come with iridescent ink stripes.

Image Courtesy: Central Bank of Azerbaijan

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