New Polymer Notes of Northern Ireland

25 Mar 2019  Mon

Northern Ireland’s First Trust Bank stopped issuing its own notes in February. However, Danske Bank issued a new £10 note, while Bank of Ireland and Ulster Bank launched new £5 and £10 notes, using De La Rue’s Safeguard polymer substrate. The new notes of Danske Bank and the Bank of Ireland were designed and printed by De La Rue. Ulster Bank’s note designs were created after a consultation with a local community. De La Rue used the final design and printed secure notes for them.

The new notes contain common security features like a clear see-through window in the Safeguard substrate, iridescent and SPARK ink which changes colour upon tilting, tactile features, and microprint and UV printing. Bank of Ireland has retained the image of the Old Bushmills Distillery in County Antrim. Danske Bank features an upgraded portrait of John Dunlop who developed the first practical pneumatic tire in Belfast. Ulster Bank has changed the earlier design completely and has adopted the theme “Living in Nature” after analysing recommendations and suggestions from experts and common people. For the first time, a standard issue UK banknote design is vertically oriented.

Bank of England and three Scottish commercial banks have already started issuing polymer notes. Eventually, all U.K. banknotes will be made of polymer, in an attempt to make them cleaner, more secure and durable.

Image Courtesy: De La Rue

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