New Slovakian Stamp Features an Umbrella to Denote Protection from Security Threats

15 Mar 2019  Fri

Slovenska Posta issued a new non-denominated stamp on 1st February to mark Slovakia’s chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. Designed by Adrian Ferda, the stamp features rain and an umbrella, denoting protection from security threats.

The umbrella also shows maps of countries which are a part of this regional security organization. Letters “T2 50g” on the stamp suggest that it pays the domestic first-class rate (currently €0.50) for delivery within two days for items up to 50 grams. 1.5 million stamps were printed by Tiskarna Hradistko by offset in sheets of 50.

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe is considered to be the world’s largest regional security organization with 57 participating countries from North America, Europe and Asia. It works towards maintaining the stability, peace and democracy for over a billion people by discussing shared values between countries and initiating groundwork that creates a long-term impact. The Chairmanship of the organisation changes every year and Slovakia and Slovakia assumed the post on 1st January.

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Image Courtesy: Slovenska Posta

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