Irish Stamp Features Interesting Expressions of Rain

13 Mar 2019  Wed

On 25th February, Ireland’s An Post released a new postage stamp to celebrate the country’s rainy season. The stamp depicts blue sky, green fields and metallic silver raindrops which are actually microscopic words in the Irish and English language denoting generic expressions of rain. The ‘W’ letter suggests that the stamp is meant for international posting.

Expressions and words shown on the stamp include: trying, raining stair rods, a squib, sun shower, soft day, torrential, wetting rain, rotten, cloudburst, bucketing, belting, a downpour, soft rain, a thundershower, mist, drizzle, pouring rain and more. A soft day means a misty day, spitting means few drops of rain and lashing means diagonal hard rain.

Designed by twin brothers Declan and Garech Stone, the stamps were printed by Cartor Security Printing by offset with metallic silver in panes of 16. Officials of An Post believe that the interesting stamp will not only connect with citizens of Ireland but also visitors in the country, as rains are an essential part of Ireland’s everyday life.

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Image Courtesy: An Post

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