Centennial Olympics Paralympics Silver Dollar

2019-03-06 Wed

The only Disability in Life is Bad Attitude.

People with a positive attitude can achieve each and everything in life, they can come over any situate doesn’t matters how bad the situation is.

Disabled people have proven their talent not only in their day to day life but also in sports. They have proven that if you have high ambition in life nothing is impossible in life. To encourage people with disability Paralympics Olympics are organized. Paralympics Olympics has multi-sports events for athletes with physical, mental and sensorial disabilities. These Games are held in every four years, following the Olympics Games. These games are governed by the International Paralympics Committee (IPC).

The United States of America had issued a silver dollar with the theme of Olympics Paralympics in the year 1996. The obverse of this coin depicts a Paralympics athlete in a wheelchair competing in a track and field event. It also includes the word "spirit" in Braille. The reverse of the coin depicts mark of the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games which are positioned to the left of the design, a torch and flame, and the words Atlanta 1996.

Image Courtesy: usmint.gov