Friendship with USA Depicted on South Korean Stamp

28 Feb 2019  Thu

South Korea issued a stamp in the early years of its existence commemorating nation’s friendly relations with USA one of the two superpowers of the period.

Located on the southern portion of the Korean Peninsula, South Korea played a major role during a Cold War. After the end of the Second World War, Korea returned to self-government, forming two separate governments and economic systems backed by the Soviet Union in the north and by the United States in the south.

Friendly relations between the two nations are portrayed on a stamp issued on 9th September 1946. This stamp comes with the denomination of 10 Won and depicts flags of both the countries in the center with a dove carrying a letter.

The stamp is inscribed with the names of the country at the top and the denomination at the bottom corners in Korean at left side and Roman at the right-hand side. The stamp marks the beginning of the history of South Korea.

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