100 Ariary banknote Madagascar

26 Feb 2019  Tue

This banknote was issued by Banky Foiben'i Madagasikara/Central Bank of Madagascar in 2004.this banknote is printed in blue and tan on multicolored underprint.

The obverse of this note depicts denomination in words printed in Malagasy language at top centre and at top right in Roman script. The numerical denomination is printed at bottom left and right corners. The prefix and serial number are seen at top left corner and lower right with signatory of Governor above it. The Legend ‘Central Bank of Madagascar’ in Malagasy language is printed at bottom centre. Vignette of Ravinala and Tsingi plants at left.

The revrese of this note illusrtaes legend ‘Central Bank of Madagascar’ is printed in Malagasy language at top center and year of issue at top left with text in Malagasy at left. The numerical denomination is seen at top left, right and lower left corners. The denomination in words printed in Malagasy script at bottom right corner. Vignette of mountain and trees printed at right and small map of Madagascar at upper left.

Image Courtesy: BanknoteWorld.com

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