First Red Cross Stamps of North Korea

26 Feb 2019  Tue

North Korea issued a set of two stamps to commemorate the Service in case of Medical Emergency of Red Cross Society to the country.

The Red Cross Society of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea was founded as the Red Cross Society of North Korea on 18 October 1946. It was admitted into the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies on 11 May 1956 which had great symbolic importance, as the North Korean regime remained outside most international organizations for decades.

After its admittance, the North Korean postal service issued a set of two postage stamps 1 November 1957. They came with the denominations of 1 Won and 10 Won and depict a nurse weighing a child and a nurse trying a hand bandage respectively.

The stamps show a big red cross in the background which is a symbol of the society and has been adopted by the medical community worldwide. The stamps are inscribed with the name of the country and the denomination value at the bottom of the stamp.

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