Freedom on the Provisional Stamps of Former Yugoslavia

15 Feb 2019  Fri

Allegory of freedom was depicted on four stamps among a set of sixteen patriotic and portrait themed definitive provisional stamps for Slovenia shown above were issued on April 8, 1919.

As federal postage stamps for the new Kingdom of Yugoslavia were not yet ready, Slovenia began printing their own postage stamps for use in their region of the new kingdom. New Yugoslavia provisional stamps for use in Slovenia appeared in 1919.

The set of four stamps which were issued as Provisional Stamps for Slovenia with the denominations of 40 Yugoslav para, 45 Yugoslav para, 50 Yugoslav para and 60 Yugoslav para. The stamps depict Allegorical representation of Freedom.

Stamps depict “Allegory of Freedom” in the centre in a vignette with a spiral design on the either side. The stamps are inscribed with inscription at the bottom along with the name of the country on top in local script. The denomination value is at the top corners.

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