Khosrau II became the king of Persia

15 Feb 2019  Fri

Today on this in 590, Khosrau II was crowned king of Persia. Sassanid Dynasty was the last native Persian Kingdom to rule Ancient Iran before the Islamic invasion. It was established in 244 AD by Ardeshir I. The Sassanid Era was a golden age of Persian culture that witnessed the revival of Zoroastrianism.

Khosrow II was remembered as the last great king of the Sassanian Empire. According to some resource he was born around 570 to Hormizd IV. He was raised to the throne by his two uncles Vistahm and Vinduyih.

Stories of Khosrou II for his love for the Armenian wife, Shirin were commemorated by two great poets, Ferdowsi and Nezami. He was also a great patron of music. During the reign, he issued gold and silver coin.

Depicted here is a gold Dinar issued during his sovereignty. The obverse of a coin depicts the bust of Khosrau II while the reverse features the goddess Anahit. The legend on this coin typically refers to Khosrau II as “King of Kings who freed the world from fear”.

Image Source: Google Images

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