Hot Springs National Park Quarter Dollar

13 Feb 2019  Wed

The United States of America had issued this commemorative quarter dollar on Hot Springs National Park. Hot Spring National Park is an American national park situated in the Garland Country, Arkansas.

Hot Spring National Park was established by Congress as a Hot Spring Reservation in the year 1832. Later, in the year 1921, it became Hot Spring National park which represents the oldest protected area in the National Park System. This park includes over 40 hot springs which flow from the western slope of Hot Springs Mountain. The park also encompasses the wilderness area with over 20 miles of traits and a campground. For the past many years people are been visiting in this area to enjoy the hot springs and several hot springs.

The United States of America had issued this commemorative coin in the year 2010. This quarter dollar is the first quarter dollar to be issued in the year 2010 and it is also a first coin to be issued in America the Beautiful Quarters Program.

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