Silver Rupee of Kharak Singh

12 Feb 2019  Tue

Maharaja Ranjit Singh who was also known as Sher-e-Punjab founded the Sikh Empire. He united all the misls under his banner. His empire included the Kashmir Mountains, the Himalayan kingdom, the Sind-Sagar doab, the Pothohar Plateau, and the trans-Indus regions up to the foot of the Suleiman Mountains. Kharak Singh, the eldest son of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, was born in 1802. He came to the throne on the death of his father in June 1839 and ruled till 1840 AD.

During his short reign, a few gold, silver and copper coins were issued. These coins were struck from Amritsar, Anandghar, and Lahore mint.

Depicted here is a silver Rupee issued during his reign. The coin depicts the Nanak Shahi legend ‘Sikka Zad Bar Sim O Zar Fazl Sachcha Sahib Ast Fath-I-Gobind Singh-I-Shahan Tegh-I-Nanak Wahib Ast’ on its obverse. The reverse of coin inscribed with Sanah VS date, Julus Maimanat Manus; Zarb.

Image Source: Google Images

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