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Birth Anniversary of Sidney Sheldon

11 Feb 2019  Mon

He came to prominence in the 1930s, first writing Broadway plays – then motion pictures. He also dedicated his life writing television series where he spent a 20-year period creating the best. As he turned 50, he began writing best-selling romantic suspense novels and reached every corner of the world.

He was Sidney Sheldon – an American writer and producer – the name no fiction lover will ever forget. Born as Sidney Schechtel in Chicago, Illinois on 11th February the year 1917, Sidney started his career at the age of 20 by reviewing scripts and collaborating on a number of B movies. After serving a period in Military as a pilot in the War Training Service, his career as a writer went in a full swing.

In his journey of writing for Broadway – motion pictures – television and as a fiction writer, Sidney Sheldon earned a reputation as a prolific writer and won an Academy Award, a Tony Award, nominated for an Emmy Award, a Golden Palm Star.

Sidney Sheldon was featured on an 80 Dollar Stamp of Guyana. The stamp depicts a smiling portrait of Sidney Sheldon with his name written on the right side and the name of the country and denomination at the bottom.

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