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Mustafa II- Ottoman sultan was born

06 Feb 2019  Wed

22nd Sultan to rule the Ottoman Empire was born 6th February 1664.

He was born in Erdin Palace, Istanbul to Mehmed IV and Emetullah Rabia Gulus Sultana. After the death of his uncle, Ahmed II, he became the Sultan on 6th February 1695 and ruled till 1703. In 1703 he abdicated as ottoman Emperor in favor of his brother Ahmed III.

In 1695, he set out for his first military campaign against the Habsburg Empire, successfully capturing Lipova. Just a few days after, he defeated the Habsburg army in the Battle of Logos and then returned back to Edirne. During the reign, he issued silver Kurus and gold Ashrafi.

The above shown gold Ashrafi was issued during his reign. This coin depicts the legend ‘As Sultan Al Barin Wa Khaqaan Al Bahrain As Sultan Ibn As Sultan’ on its obverse. The reverse of a coin depicted the legend ‘Mustafa Sha Bin Muhammad Khan Daima Dam Mulkahu Zarb Fi Qustuntuniya’.

Image Source: Google Search

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