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MS-65 Red 1926-S Lincoln Cent Auctioned for $90,000

04 Feb 2019  Mon

A 1926-S Lincoln cent, graded PCGS MS 65 red, from the Jerald L. Martin Collection, was sold for an astounding $90,000 by Heritage Auctions in January at the FUN auctions in Orlando. Only two such coins have earned this grade and no other known example of this type is finer. Experts have noted that the PCGS Lincoln Cent Registry Set does not contain a coin as fine as this one, making it the rarest coin in the series in Gem full Red condition.

A PCGS MS-67 red 1909-S Lincoln, V.D.B. cent from the same collection was sold for $55,200. This coin happens to be the next in line in terms of bid-pricing. There are 15 known examples of this coin in a similar grade and no other example has been graded finer.

The coin is well-struck and features well-defined designs at the edges, unlike other examples of this type. The coin was struck using heavily worn dies at the San Francisco Mint, due to which both sides showcase satiny coppery-gold lustre with lilac and pale rose toning. The coin also features a small number of light specks on the reverse side.

Image Courtesy: Heritage Auctions

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