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Lovely Coins Dedicated to “The Simpsons”

02 Feb 2019  Sat

Perth Mint introduced a series of eight limited-edition 1oz and 2oz 99.99% silver coins featuring characters from one of the most loved television series, the Simpsons, under official license by 20th Century Fox Consumer Products.

The first three coins from the series were revealed at the 47th World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany. One of these is a bullion coin featuring the word “D’OH!” along with a typical image of Homer Simpson. The letter O is represented by Homer’s favourite treat, a half-eaten Donut.

Another coin depicts the Simpsons, pets Santa’s Little Helper, Snowball II and their home in Springfield. The third coin is completely shaped like a Donut with a circular cut-out at the centre. The remaining coins in the series will feature Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and a Duff Beer can.

The characters in this extremely popular show are very relatable and humorous. Perth Mint officials hope to attract young collectors, fans and investors with this release.

Image Courtesy: The Perth Mint

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