Noor-e-Afshan type coin of Jahangir

02 Feb 2019  Sat

Jahangir, the fourth Mughal emperor ruled the dynasty from 1605 to 1627 AD. He introduced a remarkable variety of gold and silver coinage during his reign. It is said that Jahangir issued coins featuring more than 50 varieties of couplets. One such beautiful coin we can see above.

This is an extremely rare silver 1/6th Rupee ‘Nisar’ of 'Noor Afshan' type issued during the Jahangir’s reign. This coin was struck at Ajmer mint in (1)025 AH. The obverse of a coin bore the Persian legend ‘Noor Afshan’ with Hijri date. The reverse of the coin depicts the mint-name and RY.

It is said that to campaign against Ranas of Mewar, Jahangir moved his court to Ajmer in 1915-1619. Throughout this event, he is known to have held court several times, gone on royal hunts, and visits to the tomb of various holy men. There are references to coins being sprinkled each time the royal procession went through the streets. This practice was said to ward off the 'evil eye'.

This coin, bearing a poetic legend ‘Noor-e-Afshan’ (light Sprinkle) was most likely struck for one such occasion.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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