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Dowager Stamp Sets a Record

02 Feb 2019  Sat

18 January 2019 -Spink sale sets a new record. China’s rare unused 1897 10¢-on-9-candareen dark green stamp with the small figures surcharge inverted (AKA Dowager issue) realized close to USD 4 million (USD 31,184,880 in Hong Kong dollars).

The top-selling single item in the collection was an unused 1897 10c-on-9-candareen dark green Dragons and Shou stamp with the 10c surcharge inverted, from China’s Empress Dowager issue. According to Spink, only three examples of the surcharge invert have been verified, and the stamp sold in the auction is the only unused example.

It sold for HKDollars 7.32 million, or approximately USD 933,300. Spink reports that sale of the stamp set a world record for a Dowager stamp. The stamp is part of the Lam Man Yin collection of Small Dragons.

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