Copper Falus of Shams Al-din Daud Shah II

01 Feb 2019  Fri

The Bahamani Sultanate was founded by Ala-Al-Din Hassan Bahaman Shah, by revolting successfully against the Sultan of Delhi, Muhammad Bin Tughluq. The capital of Bahamani Kingdom was Gulbarga from 1347 to 1425and later it was moved to Bidar in 1425 AD.

Sultan Sham Al-Din Daud Shah II ruled the Bahamani Sultanate for a short period in the year 1397. He ascended the throne at a very young age. During the reign, he issued coins in silver and copper. Silver coins were known as Tanka and copper were Falus. All these coins were issued from Hadrat Ahsanabad mint.

This very fine and rare copper Falus was issued during his reign. The obverse of a coin depicts the name of ruler ‘Daud Shah’ while the reverse of a coin inscribed with ‘al-mu ‘ayyad bi-nasr allah’.

Image Source: Todywalla Auctions

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