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Japanese Prefecture Stamps of 1990

29 Jan 2019  Tue

Also known as Furusato Japanese stamps, prefecture stamps or Japan furusato hometown stamps are a great example of the variety of Japanese postage stamps.

The literal translation of the word furusato means hometown. As with regular national Japan stamps, hometown furusato stamps are valid for postage but are mostly regarded as valuable collectibles by Japanese stamp collectors and philatelic fans.

There are roughly 1000 different furusato stamps. General themes such as animal, nature, flower, and landscape prints are very common. These type of stamps include a number of categories among which the Furusato Stamps are important which comprised of a selection of varies hometown stamps.

The Prefecture stamps issued on 1st May 1990 feature scenery of the city of Nagano which is the capital city of Nagano Prefecture in the Ch?bu region of Japan. The set is comprised of two stamps with the denomination of 62 Yen. The stamp depicts a beautiful black and white sketching of Magome inns and Inns of Tsumago.

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