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Security Features on Latest Zambian Currency Notes

25 Jan 2019  Fri

Bank of Zambia recently released new banknotes with improved security features. According to an official statement, the notes have been issued to earn people’s trust and to combat the issues related to counterfeiting in the country. Let’s take a detailed look at the security features that have been introduced in the new banknotes.

One of the security features is called PARK live, in which a geometrical pattern changes its form and size upon tilting the note. The colour of this pattern changes from gold to green on the K50 note and green to blue on the K100 note. A gold iridescent band symbolises doves and can be seen on the banknote from top to the bottom. Tactile Marks have been included to help the visually impaired persons identify denominations. These features can be clearly felt when you rub your fingers on the banknote’s edges. The Tactile Intaglio property is also applied to elements such as the texts “K50 / K100”, a tree, a fish eagle etc. Intaglio printing is applied on a leopard/buffalo, the denomination in words, integrated microtext, denomination in the right-hand corner on the reverse etc.

The Security thread is called RollingStar Cube and is made of a material which changes colour upon tilting the note. The thread shows the denomination and the letters “BOZ”. The dynamite light effect of rolling cubes can be also seen when you tilt the note. Certain features can be seen only when the note is held against a light source. These elements include a 3D image of a fish eagle’s head, two highlighted elements, denomination, and a small fish eagle’s head.

The holographic windowed Security Thread features the lettering “BOZ 50” / “BOZ 100” and an image of a flying bird. The reverse side showcases the holographic effect. However, the texts can be seen on both sides when held against a light source.

A flying bird and the text “BOZ” are the two elements which are included on the see-through register on both the obverse and reverse side. These elements can be seen when the note is held against a light source. PEAK Pixel is a coloured latent image on the obverse side featuring the fish eagle’s head and letters “BOZ” with tactile embossing and colour shifting effects which can be seen upon tilting the note.

Image Courtesy: Bank of Zambia

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