Bharat Paryatan Diwas

25 Jan 2019  Fri

Bharat Paryatan Diwas (INDIA TOURISM DAY) is celebrated every year in India on January 25 to raise awareness of the importance of tourism for the country’s economy. India is very rich in its Cultural Heritage.

What makes our country special is its glorious past, rich diversity, and cultural beauty. Every Indian state has its own culture and tradition, which is beautiful in its own way.

Besides this, India offers a variety of destinations to tourists. Snow-clad mountains, deep blue sea, deserts, and sand dunes, vast stretches of plains with gushing rivers, temple monuments, fairs and festivals India has it all. These things make the country one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Our state to cherish its beauty and to commemorate its gratefulness announced a day in January as India Tourism Day. The Department of Posts issued a special postage stamp to celebrate "BHARAT PARYATAN DIWAS" on 25th January 1998.

So let’s celebrate the glorious day with much enthusiasm this year as well!

Image Source: Mintage World

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