Coins That Crossed the Million Mark at FUN Auctions

23 Jan 2019  Wed

A trade dollar issued in 1885, graded NGC Proof 66 was sold for $3.96 million on 10th January by Heritage Auctions at 2019 Florida United Numismatists auctions in Orlando. A collector named Dell Loy Hansen from Utah bought the coin and got it graded by PCGS as Proof 65+ Cameo. It’s one of the five finest known coins of its type.

An 1884 Trade dollar, graded Proof 66 by NGC with a green CAC sticker, was sold for $1.14 million. Only 10 such coins exist today. A $4 Stella pattern coin issued in 1879, graded Proof 66 Cameo by NGC was sold for $1.05 million.

A Flowing Hair, Chain cent issued in 1793, graded MS 64+ brown by PCGS with a green CAC sticker was auctioned for $1.5 million. The coin features the abbreviation “AMERI.” on the reverse. It’s one of the coins that were struck on the first few days of production and belonged to the first lot of coins to be delivered on 1st March 1793.

A Lincoln cent that was issued in 1943 mistakenly on a bronze planchet, Graded NGC AU 53, was sold for a whopping $204,000 after a fake media hype. The estimated value of this coin was wrongly quoted as $1.7 million by several media houses, based on the market value of a similar yet rarer coin.

Image Courtesy: Heritage Auctions

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