Coinage of Pudukkottai

23 Jan 2019  Wed

The history of Pudukkottai is divided into two phases, the first phase was from 1680 to 1800 and the second one was from 1800 to 1948. In the first phase, Pudukkottai was a feudatory of Ramnad and gradually expanded its territories to mould itself into a kingdom. In 1800, it came under the British East India Company’s subsidiary alliance system. From here, second phase of the Pudukkottai began and it ended in 1948 only after acceding with Union of India.

The only coin ever minted in the state was the copper Amman Cash from Birmingham mint. The obverse of a coin depicts the Goddess Brihadamba seated in posture. The reverse of a coin showed the legend ‘Vijaya’ in Telegu.

Image Source: Google Images

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