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Life of Ivory Coast Depicted on 1936 Philately Issues

23 Jan 2019  Wed

On 19th October 1936, Ivory Cost Post issued a number of stamps issued depicting the local life of Ivory Coast. The stamps were issued with three main designs with approximately six stamps per set.

The first set depicts a Baoule woman & coffee branches. The Baule or Baoule are an Akan people and one of the largest groups in Côte d'Ivoire who historically migrated from Ghana. The Baoulé are traditionally farmers who live in the centre of the country. Six stamps were issued with the denominations from 1 centime to 15 centime.

The second set comprised of stamps depicting the life of the coastal region. The stamp shows a Local Man standing with a trident along with a bull near a tree. On the background, a landscape of coastal village can be seen. This set of stamps comprised stamps with the denominations raging from 65 centime to 1.5 francs.

The last set of stamps depicts local women at the Komoe Rapids. Komoe is an important river in the country. The stamps in this set show two local women n local costumes filling water pots on the banks of the river. The set includes stamps of the denominations from 1.75 francs to 20 francs.

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