Postage Stamps Salute Our Brave Police Officers

17 Jan 2019  Thu

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had inaugurated the renovated National Police Memorial at Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, on 21st October 2018. The day is celebrated as Police Commemoration Day. On 22nd December 2018, India Post issued a set of two commemorative stamps and a miniature sheet featuring the National Police Memorial.

10 brave Indian policemen from Hot Springs (Ladakh) had laid down their lives when they were trying to defend Chinese troops who invaded the Aksai Chin territory of India on 21st October 1959. Ever since then, the day has been observed as Police Commemoration Day, as a tribute to all those police officers who have sacrificed their lives for the nation.

The police department of India has to tackle and resolve several cases related to terrorism, cross border security threats, crime, law and order, riots, internal violence, natural disasters, protection of national assets and a lot more. As many as 34,844 police officers have been martyred ever since independence, and on an average, 450 police officers are killed every year while attending their duty.

The National Police Memorial consists of a 30 foot tall and 238 tonnes heavy black granite central sculpture designed by National Gallery of Modern Arts; an underground museum showcasing policing history and a ‘Wall of Valour’ with the names of police personnel who have been martyred since independence. At the entrance, there’s a fortification with two large bowls decorated with flowers, indicating the undying spirit of police officers. The polished and unpolished nature of the central structure represents tolerance and karmic symbolism. The “Jiva Jyot” is designed to keep the eternal flame burning. The Wall of Valour has provisions to make necessary additions, as every year, several officers sacrifice their lives. The national level permanent exhibition showcases the history, artefacts, gazette notifications, unique weapons and uniforms from police departments across the country. A section is reserved for the martyrs from various police forces.

Image Courtesy: India Post

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