First Lady of United States of America

17 Jan 2019  Thu

Dolley Madison was born on May 20, 1768, on a farm in New Garden, North Carolina. Both her parents Payne Jr and Mary Payne were Quaker Virginians. (The Quakers were a religious society that was started in the seventeenth century.)

Half a century she is considered as one of the most important women in the social circle of America. She is considered as Americans First Lady (1809-1817) and wife of the fourth president of United States of America, James Madison.

Dolley Madison is known for her grace and wit; she used her skill, charm and personal popularity to win over her husband’s political opponents and help to advance his career. She is also best known for saving White House’s historic Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington from certain destruction by advancing British troops during the War of 1812.

United Nation of America had issued her commemorative silver dollar to honour her on her 150th death anniversary in the year 1999.

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