Queen Elizabeth II on Latest Canadian Stamps

15 Jan 2019  Tue

Canada Post released a new postage stamp to honour Queen Elizabeth II. The stamp features a photograph of the Queen taken by Chris Jackson in Portsmouth, England. A Canadian stamp featuring the Queen was released in May 1953 after her coronation ceremony. Many other Canadian stamps have featured the Queen when she was a Princess during the reign of King George V as well as King George VI.

The back side of the stamp booklet is designed by. It shows a photo of the Queen adorning the Canadian Maple-leaf brooch. The photo was taken when the Queen was on a Royal Tour in 2010. The same brooch has been traditionally worn by various women from the Royal Family of different generations when they visit Canada.

The Official First Day Cover cancelled in Ottawa, Ontario and the booklet of 10 stamps can be ordered from the official website or can be bought from postal outlets in Canada.

Image Courtesy: Canada Post

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