Fir Tree Souvenir Sheet of Thuringen

10 Jan 2019  Thu

The souvenir sheet shown above was issued on December 18 in the Soviet Zone of Thuringen to celebrate both Christmas and Anti-Fascism.

In 1945, the state of Thuringen was expanded by the Soviets to include parts of Prussian Saxony and the areas around Erfurt, Muhlhausen, and Nordhausen. Erfurt, which dates back to the 8th Century, became the new capital of the East German state and new postage stamps were issued.

The souvenir sheet shown above includes a set of three stamps depicting fir trees. The stamps depict fir trees in the Thuringen Forest against the rising sun and were issued with the denominations of 3, 4, and 5 German reichspfennig.

The top of the sheet is inscribed WEIHNACHTSSPENDE or CHRISTMAS FUND, and the bottom of the sheet is inscribed FUR DIE OPFER DES FASCISMUS or FOR THE VICTIMS OF FASCISM. The special charity sheet sold for two Reichsmarks.

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