China's 1897 Red Ruby

09 Jan 2019  Wed

Red Ruby stamp of 1897 of China is a magnificent stamp and an amazing Asian philatelic rarity. It is also known as the “Red Ruby – 30c on 24ca rose-carmine surcharge” stamp and ranks among the rarest stamps of China.

“Red Ruby – 30c on 24ca rose-carmine surcharge” stamp was issued in the year 1897 and no used example of have been recorded. Less than 25 examples are known to exist. One complete pane was discovered by Adolphus Dickering.

The stamp depicts the landscape of a small village surrounded by the Chinese lettering along with the denomination at the bottom. The stamp is overprinted with the surcharge of 30 cents in black. The stamp is being presented at the Spink Auction.

The stamp is estimated to fetch $76,583.

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