Coat of Arms Issue of Sachsen

07 Jan 2019  Mon

Prior to the North German Confederation, German States stamps were issued by most of the separate Germanic kingdoms, duchies, free-cities, etc. of Northern Europe. Sachsen, also known as Saxony is located in the southeastern part of present-day Germany, its history spans more than a millennium.

First stamps of Saxony were issued in 1850 and were known as Sachen numeral issue. The Second philatelic issue came in the year 1851 and is known as the Coat of Arms Issue. The 3 German reichspfennig stamp shows the Saxony coat of arms which is comprised of horizontally-partitioned field charged with a green crancelin and a crown on the top

The coat of arms is in an Oval vignette flanked by decoration and the value in numerals. The stamp is inscribed with the name of the country on top and the denomination in words at the bottom.

In 1868, the stamps of Saxony were replaced by those of the North German Confederation.

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