Tapejara and Argentinosaurus Dinosaurs Featured on Armenian Stamps

05 Jan 2019  Sat

On 14th December, HayPost (National Post of Armenia) introduced two beautiful postage stamps based on the theme “Flora and Fauna of the Ancient World”. The 220-dram stamp features “Argentinosaurus” while the 280-dram stamp depicts “Tapejara”. Both these mammoth ancient animals are shown in their green natural habitat. Designed by David Dovlatyan, the stamps were printed at “Cartor” printing house in France with 2 print-runs of 40,000 pieces each.

The cancellation of stamps was done in the presence of several important delegates from the Government, Postal Department, Institute of Geological Sciences of the RA National Academy of Sciences and Union of Philatelists of the RA. The official event was organised at the Geological Museum.

Tapejara comes from a Tupi word which means "the old being". It’s a type of Brazilian pterosaur from the Cretaceous Period (112 Ma). Tapejara had a semicircular crest over the snout, and a bony prong till the back of its head.

Argentinosaurus means "Argentine lizard" and is one of the largest known dinosaurs. It’s a type of titanosaur sauropod dinosaur which was discovered for the first time by Guillermo Heredia in Argentina. They existed in the Late Cretaceous Period (97 - 93.5 million years) on the then-island continent of South America.

Image Courtesy: HayPost

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