World Braille Day

04 Jan 2019  Fri

World Braille day is celebrated to raise awareness of the importance of Braille as a mean of communication in the full respect and realizations of the human rights for blind and partially sighted people. Official the world Braille Day is celebrated today on 4th January.
,br> The Braille is a tactile representation of alphabetic and numerical symbols using six dots to represent each letter and numbers. It can even be used to represent musical, mathematical and scientific symbols. The language is named after Louis Braille, a 19th century France inventor. This communication medium is used by blind and partially sighted people to read the same book and periodicals read in the visual font. Using Braille opens a new form of communication and important information that are blind or partially sighted, ensuring competency, independence, and equality to them. In the memory of this significant invention and its inventor, India Post and Government of India issued a stamp and two rupees coin in 2009. The special feature of this coin is that it consist Braille letters representing Louis Braille name. Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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