Soviet's First Definitive Issue of Hungary

02 Jan 2019  Wed

The Soviet Republic had issued a bunch of stamps in Hungary among which the stamps issued on 14th June 1919 were unique as they were the first definitive stamps issued in Hungary.

During 1919, new definitive stamps of Hungary continued through the relentless process of political change. As the year progressed, Hungary transitioned through a democratic republic, a Sovet Socialist Republic, and then, the unthinkable, the restoration of the monarchy.

The Hungarian Communist Party, led by Bela Kun, was organized in Moscow in November 1918. Though the Hungarian Soviet Republic lasted less than six months, new stamps were issued for the need of time. The five portrait definitive stamps of Hungary were issued on 14the June 1919, with the designs featuring noteworthy socialists.

20 Hungarian filler portrays Karl Marx, Prussian socialist and author of the Communist Manifesto and Capital.
45 Hungarian filler depicts the portrait of Sandor Petofi – Hungarian poet and revolutionary during the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.
The stamp with 60 Hungarian filler is dedicated to Ignac Martinovics, a Hungarian philosopher and political activist.
75 Hungarian filler denominated stamp features Gyorgy Dozsa, the leader of a peasants' revolt during the early 16th Century.
The stamp with 80 Hungarian filler features the portrait of Friedrich Engels a German philosopher and co-author of the Communist Manifesto with Karl Marx.

These stamps are inscribed MAGYAR TANACSKOZTARSASAG or the HUNGARIAN SOVIET REPUBLIC. The stamps were in effect till early 1920 when the Kingdom of Hungary was restored.

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