Historical Buildings on the Stamps of Hong Kong

01 Jan 2019  Tue

The postal system in Hong Kong began in 1841 when the Royal Mail established an office in the region. Since then, Hong Kong Post issued around ten sets of interesting and beautiful stamps every year.

Hong Kong Post had issued a set of four interesting stamps on 14th March 1985. The series is known as ‘Historical Buildings of Hong Kong’. The four stamps in the set depict four different historical buildings in Hong Kong which today are the heritage of the country. They are:

The stamp with 40 Hong Kong cents depicts Hung Sing Temple, Wan Chai. The temple worships Hung Shing who was a government official in the Tang Dynasty.
The oldest Anglican Church in the Far East is featured on 1 Hong Kong dollar stamp. It is the oldest surviving Western ecclesiastical building in Hong Kong.
AKA The Court of Final Appeal Building, the Old Supreme Court Building is the home of the Court of Final Appeal of Hong Kong and is the subject of the 1.30 Hong Kong dollar stamp.
The last among the series is 5 Hong Kong dollar stamp depicting Wan Chai Post office. The Old Wan Chai Post Office is the oldest surviving post office building in Hong Kong. The building was erected between 1912 and 1913 and opened on 1 March 1915 as the Wan Chai Post Office.

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