First Stamps of Honduras

31 Dec 2018  Mon

Honduras or the Republic of Honduras began producing its own stamps in 1866. This country in Central America became independent from Spain in 1838.

Honduras is one of the most philatelic ally interesting countries in the world. The first issues have a wonderful, primitive appeal. The later nineteenth century and twentieth century is loaded with scarce and difficult to find varieties.

The first stamps of Honduras were issued on 1st January 1866. The stamp depicts the coat of arms of the country which is comprised of an oval shield equilateral triangle which formed a pyramid; behind the pyramid on its base is a volcano between the two castles. Above them is the rainbow and behind the volcano, a sun rises spreading light.

The words surrounding the pyramid are “DIOS UNION Y LIBERATO (GOD UNION AND FREEDOM)”. The oval shield with a large border is adorned at the top which is inscribed with “CORREOS DE HONDURAS (STAMPS OF HONDURAS)” and the value in words “DOS REALS”. At four corners of the stamp denomination in numerals is seen.

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