W.C. Bonnerjee, first president of INC, was born

29 Dec 2018  Sat

Womesh Chandra Bonnerjee, The first person to preside over the first session of the Indian National Congress was born on December 29, 1844 in Calcutta. He belonged to upper middle class Brahmin family of considerable social standing.

After completing studies he joined the firm of W. P. Gillanders, attorneys of the Calcutta Supreme Court, as a clerk. In this post he gained a good knowledge of law which significantly helped him in his later career.

When Indian National Congress was established in December 1885, he was one it’s founding members. Proposed by Allan Octavian Hume, he was unanimously elected the first President.

In the 1886 session held at Calcutta he proposed the formation of standing committees of the Congress in each province for the better co-ordination of its work. He was the president of the Indian National Congress again in the 1892 session in Allahabad.

In 1902 he left for England and settled there for health reasons. He dies there in 1906 AD. The Department of Posts released a set of four stamps honoring the 60 Presidents of INC. Among them first is Womesh Chandra Bonnerjee who inspired the country and influenced the course of India’s National Movement.

Image Source: Mintage World

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