Billon Tanka of Muhammad Bin Farid

28 Dec 2018  Fri

Muhammad Bin Farid (Muhammad Shah) was the third monarch of the Sayyid dynasty who ruled Dehli Sultanate from 1434 to 1445. The Sayyids were subservient to Timur’s successor, Shah Rukh.

Muhammad Bin Farid struck gold, silver, billon, and copper coins in his own name. The standard weights for all four metals were increased slightly during his reign. At the same time there also existed falus and double falus at the old 40 rati standard.

One of his extremely fine Billon Tanka of 8.45g is listed at INR 3000 to 4000 at Classical Numismatic Gallery. The obverse of a coin depicts the name of Sultan ‘al-Sultan Muhammad Shah Farid Shah’ with mint-name partially visible below. Reverse of a coin bore Arabic legend ‘al-Khalifa Amir al-Mumineen Khulidat Khilafatahu (8)47’.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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