CIT’s Highway to Hell Coin

28 Dec 2018  Fri

Coin Invest Trust struck special 0.999 1/2 oz 2 Dollars silver coins for Cook Islands at B. H. Mayer’s Kunstprageanstalt, Munich featuring AC/DC’s album cover of “Highway to Hell” in colour, on its reverse side. The Prooflke coin has a diameter of 168 mm and a mintage limit of 1973 pieces. The obverse side depicts a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, initials of the designer, Ian Rank-Broadley – IRB, Queen’s name, country name and denomination.

AD/DC’s album, Highway to Hell was released on 27th July 1979 and went on to become an instant Global hit. Over 9.5 million copies have been sold till now. The Album Cover is the only one which shows the band members clearly. Lead Vocalist Bon Scott sang for the last time in this album as he died soon after the release in February 1980. The title track of this album is loved by hard rock music lovers even today.

CIT Coin Invest AG and Perryscop Productions collaborated to release this special coin. The coin is so thin that it looks like a piece of paper. Colour is applied to the reverse side by using pad printing. The other side has circular lines just like grooves of a record. Moreover, the packaging also looks like a record sleeve. This is the third coin in the AC/DC series. The earlier issue, dedicated to their album “Black Ice”, was struck in high relief.

Image Courtesy: Coin Invest Trust

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