Jersey Post's Time Travel to 1970s

27 Dec 2018  Thu

Jersey Post plans to visit the past in the upcoming year. The popular culture of the 1970s is the subject of a set of six stamps to be issued by Jersey Post on 18 January 2019.

The 1970s was a decade of social, political and economic change. Society began to rebel against the commercial and materialistic ways of the 1960s and punk music became a voice for these anti-establishment sentiments. Created by Hat-Trick Design (London), this new series is taking us to explore different aspects of 1970s culture.

Ranging from 50 pence to 1.12 euro the stamps depict language, music, fashion, events, food and leisure pursuits of the era. The era of the 70s was much vibrant. This characteristic has been captured perfectly on the stamps. Colours like brown, orange and green tones and the earthy colour palette are prevalent throughout the stamp designs.

A Souvenir Sheet, containing all six stamps has also been produced with the addition of a timeline, showing significant events of the 1970s including the year the first email was sent, the year of the first test tube baby and the year Margaret Thatcher became UK Prime Minister.

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