Kalinga Janapada Coin

26 Dec 2018  Wed

Kalinga was a janapada during the ancient period in India. Today it is located on the north of the River Godavari in Orissa. Dantapura Nagar is said to be its capital during ancient times. The Kalinga region can be defined as eastern coastal region between Mahanadi and Godavari rivers.

According to the Indian text like ‘Mahabharata’ ‘Panini’ and ‘Baudhayana’ Orissa was included in Kalinga Janapada. The ‘Kumbhakara Jataka considered as ‘Karandu’ as the king of Kalinga; they were contemporary with Nimi the King of Vedeha, Nagnajit the king of Gandhara and Bhima the king of Vidarbha.

Kalinga is also well known for the famous Kalinga war fought by Ashoka which had caused slaughters to the thousands of people. Kalinga was annexed to the Maurya Empire; after the death of Ashoka they became independent and later regained their freedom for a short time.

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