Mule silver Rupee

24 Dec 2018  Mon

Coins minted with obverse and reverse design of two different dyes are known as Mule Coins. Normally, these coins are not frequently seen.

This silver one rupee coin of Queen Victoria is a re-strike proof mule. This coin is minted from two different dyes which make it special. The obverse is taken from Victoria Empress pattern rupee dye but the reverse belongs to dye of King Edward VII’s pattern rupee.

The obverse of this coin depicts the robed bust of Queen Victoria with Colonial crown and VICTORIA EMPRESS as a divided legend within a raised toothed rim and on its reverse, an Indian tiger is depicted in standing position facing left. The denomination in two different languages within a decoratively arched circle is also featured along with a lotus flower below and crown on top which divides the legend and date.

Mule coins can even be found in the early coinage of Roman and Greek era. There are many opinions regarding if these coins are minted by accident or were error coins.

But these error and accident are the reason which makes mule coins different and special...
,br> Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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