Church Issue of Guernsey Post

22 Dec 2018  Sat

During the later months of the year 1970, Guernsey Post issued a set of four stamps featuring different churches in the country. Issued on 11th November 1970, these beautiful vibrant coloured stamps are dedicated to the important churches in the country viz.

The 4 penny stamp features St Anne's Church. Situated at Alderney – the capital town, the church is dedicated to St Anne, Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary.The five penny stamp depicts St Peter's Church, Guernsey. Officially known as Saint Pierre du Bois (English: "St. Peter in the Wood") is a parish in Guernsey.

The stamp with the denomination of nine penny features St Perter's Church at Sark. Built in 1820, the Church was once the site of a wooden tower housing the ‘Island Bell’.The highest denominated stamp of 1.6 shilling is dedicated to St Tugual Chapel. Situated at Herm, the chapel was built in the 11th century. The current chapel was built by Norman monks who lived on the island.

The stamps feature a photograph of the face of the church on a vibrant couloured background along with the left facing bust of Queen Elizabeth on right and the denomination on the left.

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