First Commemoratives of Guatemala

21 Dec 2018  Fri

Guatemala or the Republic of Guatemala issued its first set of commemorative stamps on 1st January 1897 and are known as the ship-locomotive stamps.

Situated at the south of Mexico, Guatemala was a Spanish colony. Guatemala has been independent of Spain since 1847. The first adhesive stamps of Guatemala were revenue stamps issued in 1868. The first postage stamps were produced in 1871 which were definitive and the first commemorative stamps were issued on 1st January 1897.

The commemorative stamps include a set of 14 stamps which were issued with different denominations of 1 Guatemalan centavo to 75 Guatemalan centavos. The stamps depict the national bird and President Reyna Barrios in the centre flanked by a ship on the left and a locomotive on right. All of this is inside a vertical oval vignette which is inscribed with “Correos Nacionales de la R. de Guatemala” on the top and “Exposicion Centro Americana” at the bottom.

The stamp is inscribed with “UNION POSTAL UNIVERSAL” and “ UN CENTAVO” at the bottom. The stamp is marked with the denomination value at the four corners along with the coat of arms of the country.

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