Holographic Foil Used on Latest Christmas Stamps from Aland Post

19 Dec 2018  Wed

Aland Post issued Christmas stamps made of holographic foil this year. These non-denominated stamps pay special Christmas rate and feature Christmas decorations. One of the stamps features an inscription “Julpost” meaning Christmas mail. It can be used on mail to Aland, Finland and Sweden. A candle and branches of a Christmas tree with red lights and a big heart-shaped decoration is featured on this stamp. The lights and heart are made of holographic foil to make them sparkle.

The other stamp has the text “Varlden”, which means it can be used on cards and letters up to 20 grams sent from Aland to any country. The gold star and lights in the stamp design are highlighted using a holographic foil.

The stamps were designed by Emelie Bang while they were printed by Cartor in separate sheets of 40 including two panes of 20.

Image Courtesy: Aland Post

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