Gold Coast's War Savings Stamps

19 Dec 2018  Wed

War savings stamps are issued to help fund participation during the financially challenging years of war to enable small amounts of money to be saved over time to accumulate a larger capital sum.

War savings stamps were issued by several British Commonwealth countries, including Gold Coast. Gold Coast's war savings stamps were issued in the year 1943 to raise funds for the World War II. These stamps were principally aimed at common citizens.

The war savings stamp issued by Gold Coast is worth 6 pence. These stamps are coloured beautifully in orange and depicts an elephant with a raised trunk along with a coconut tree in the circular vignette at the centre.

The centre image is surrounded by inscription “GOLD COAST COLONY” and the inscription appears at the bottom which reads “WAR SAVINGS” and is flanked by the value in the numerals on either side.

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